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Why It Was Made
WorldBeyond the Classroom
Mnemonics have existed almost as long as the medical knowledge itself. Many of these mnemonics float down from professors, demonstrators or other students. This site serves to expand the circles of sharing/exchange to a larger group worldwide. Also, by maintaining in a common source, it ensures that the knowledge will not die, but continue to be available to later learners.

Community Altruism
Nearly all current or former students have a few brilliant mnemonics that no one else has considered. This distribution network was created and is maintained for students who have derived or learned some valuable mantras, and wish to share their mnemonics with others. Careers in health often draw a greater than average number of altruistic individuals, and a dedicated searchable database allows their shared mnemonics to be distributed effectively.

Medium of Choice
There is no cost for the students to acquire knowledge from others who have passed through the similar subjects, and no cost to share the knowledge. Also, updated information does not require waiting for a new edition to be released; the latest content is readily available.

Why It Was Made Like This
Students don't have much time. Information needs to be delivered quickly and efficiently; this site has been built accordingly. There are no banner ads across the content pages or click through advertising slowing page delivery. Downloaded graphics have been kept minimal and scripting added for essential functions only.

Inclusive, Not Exclusive
Thumbnail of Text-Only Browser. Click for full-size image. Not everyone on the planet has the same latest hardware, nor the same latest software. Specifying a page with the text 'Please upgrade your browser' is not helpful, since the software is usually there for a reason. Most commonly, it because it is the newest version of browser that the hardware can run satisfactorily. Some libraries still only give free Lynx access to users, not graphical access to the internet. Still other users employ a text-reader to overcome a visual impairment. For all these reasons, the site was carefully constructed to have core functionality available to everyone. To get an idea of what a text-only browser user sees on this site, click here.

Multiple Pathways
Different users will be following different routes of learning. Schools vary their academic cirricula, and individual students may also wish to chart their own course of self-directed learning. The database has been built with full filters allowing students to organize their studies by system, by preclinical/clinical subject, by body area, or by specific ideas.

A Bit of Mild Amusement
Learning health can be stressful due to the heavy workloads and time constraints. The site was written and is maintained to help with a few take-a-break smiles along the way. In addition to lightheartedness, amusing items aid in the recall of the subject matter.


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