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Site Mentions
The Lancet The Lancet
Volume 355, Number 9208 March 18, 2000
Review: "Memory-boosters for medical students -- 'With vomiting, both the pH and food come up. With diarrhea, both the pH and food go down.' How to remember the path of sperm in the male reproductive tract? 'SEVEN UP': seminiferous tubules, epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct, nothing, urethra, penis. These and many more amusing mnemonics await users of the Medical Mnemonics database..."

Medscape Medscape
Volume 02, Number 06 November 29, 2000
Article excerpt: "...They are one among many ways to make and memorize lists (others being alphabetical or numerical), but these are more fun. For example, the phrase, "I left my aunt in Vegas" might help students recall that the left vagus nerve goes anterior descending into the thorax. Many books compile lists of these tools, but you will tend to remember the ones you come up with best. For a laugh, and maybe some help, try the Medical Mnemonics page".

About.com About.com
March 21, 2000 | November 10, 2000
Nursing.about.com  Review: "Medical Mnemonics. The way we all learned to remember anatomy! Example: the cranial nerves: 'On Old Olympus Towering Tops, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops.' But there is another one for the cranial nerves that I had not learned!
Pharmacology.about.com  Review: "A handy database of mnemonics. Organized and searchable by preclinical or clinical topic. Includes a pharmacology section."
Palmtops.about.com   Review: "MedicalMnemonics.com is a free, non-profit, online searchable database of medical mnemonics. It is designed to assist students with the thousands of pieces of medical information they are required to learn during the course of their training."
Gradadmissions.about.com  Review: "Medical Mnemonics. Need a way to remember all that medical jargon? Try the mnemonics at this site. A fantastic resource!"

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
January 22, 2001, Health Section
"Tricks to Remember Tricky Medical Facts" Article excerpt: "...But how about all the facts that medical students have to learn? All those different veins and bones and nerves--to say nothing of protocols for when a patient shows up with a bellyache that might have a zillion different causes? Surely, those folks need mnemonics like crazy! We called UCLA medical school; we surfed the Web. And we found a slew of medical memorization tricks. For a goodly sampling, check out http://www.medicalmnemonics.com..."

virginstudent.com VirginStudent.com
December 29, 2000
Review: "www.medicalmnemonics.com: Another top-notch site suggested by a user. Without a trace of (cue: bad Johnny Mnemonic joke) Keanu Reeves, here you can find all sorts of memory aides designed to help you learn all those nasty medical details, systems and so on."

Augusta Chronicle Augusta Chronicle
February 1, 2001, @ugusta section
Review: "Mnemonic memory: Mnemonics, handy acronyms and word play to help memorization, come in handy for medical students. For a goodly sampling, check out www.medicalmnemonics.com..."

Ha'aretz | Israel OnLine Ha'aretz Daily | Israel OnLine
February 25, 2001
"Medical Shortcuts, Not Just For Doctors" Article excerpt: "We're not talking about shortcuts that appear in illegible handwriting in the letters which you receive from your family doctor, but memory aids for (medical) students and doctors to help remember impossible lists during their daily routine. These shortcuts are called "mnemonics", and the site that shares them just added an excellent Palm program that has a selection of hundreds of them. Some of these shortcuts sentences carry a realistic and relevant nature about them. The application, like the website itself, is free and not commercial."
Thanks to Lior Greenberg, Technion Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, for the translation from the original Hebrew.

INPS In Practice Systems Online
February 28, 2001
"Medical Mnemonics To Go" Article excerpt: "Mnemonics are handy ways of remembering things. There is an Internet Web site called www.medicalmnemonics.com, which is a free, non-profit-making world database of the mnemonics used in medicine...There are hundreds of mnemonics divided into about forty categories, with headings such as Cardiology, Histology and Neurology. Some of the mnemonics are visual rather than letter-based...Mnemonics are of particular use to medical students, but we can all use any help we can get with our memories in the long haul!...Having all these mnemonics is all very well, but what if you can't remember the mnemonic you need in the first place? Especially if you are walking around, away from a PC? Help is at hand, if you will pardon the pun. www.medicalmnemonics.com has co-developed with www.pdaMD.com and just released a downloadable version of the mnemonics database. You can now download the mnemonics into your Palm PDA for free. There is also a demo of the Palm PDA display with the mnemonics in action."

The Guardian and The Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian
November 29, 2001
"Rhymes And Reasons" Article excerpt: "Engaging the fabulous Google on the Internet and typing in "mnemonics" shows they survive and prosper both as a device to get you through exams and simply for fun...The most potent force of contributors seems to be medical students...a formula for remembering the path of sperm through the male reproductive system will give you a flavour. Seminiferous tubules, epididymis, vas deferens and ejaculatory duct: all are wrapped up in the simple boast: "My boyfriend's name is STEVE".

Openwave Openwave
August 4, 2003
Review excerpt: "MedicalMnemonics.com provides users with this very groovy database of medical mnemonics. You can organize mnemonics with sorts, filters and keywords, add/delete keywords and browse mnemonics by category and charts. Some categories listed include anatomy, anesthesiology, psychology, biochemistry, epidemiology, genetics, microbiology and much more...."

ResearchBuzz ResearchBuzz
April 19, 2001
"Jog Your Medical Memory" Article excerpt: "The dictionary defines "mnemonic" as "assisting or intended to assist memory," and that's what http://www.medicalmnemonics.com is, a site designed to help medical students remember their training...Browsing pages give several mnemonics at once, though details for each one are available in popup windows. Sometimes images are available; they too appear in pop-up windows...If you need the database for on-the-go study, you can download an abridged or unabridged version for your Palm Pilot...Interesting stuff, most useful for medical students..."

MSN / Encarta MSN / Encarta
August 8, 2001
"Pain-free Ways to Grow Your Brain" Article excerpt: "Want to be a brainiac? Try the cool quizzes and knowledge games at MSN's Kids channel. You may also want to check out Encarta Encyclopedia's Memory article, which explains the different types of memory, why people forget things, and more...Or, if you really want to impress your friends, learn how to memorize the fine points of human anatomy at MedicalMnemonics.com".

M-Business Magazine M-Business Magazine
May 05, 2001
"Palm Offers Study-Aid for Med Students" Article excerpt: "...The free handheld computer program helps medical students with their recall of medical information. Medical Mnemonics lets users search, sort, filter or browse its database of medical information. The software also includes diagrams which can be notated and edited...The software also includes a flashcard mode for "synching mnemonics to one's cranium," and text can also be highlighted with bold letters for better recollection..."

medSN medSN.com | Medschool.com
February 28, 2000
Excerpt: "A fantastic database of mnemonics. One is able to search for a specific mnemonic or add their own special pearl. From the homepage menu, you can search for a specific mnemonic based on it being pre-clinical vs. clinical, by body part, by biologic system and/or by language. You can also simply browse throught the index to see what is out there. Both the new and classic mnemonics are featured. Some mnemonics include pictures to help describe them. It is a very interactive site as it is fed by your input both in adding a new mnemonic or "rating" the ones already there."

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